Our Latest Sweet on Trader Joe's Reviews

We have been reviewing all kinds of goodies on Sweet on Trader Joe's this summer! Let me share some highlights with you! 

PB & C Snack Duo from sweetontraderjoes.com

Our Latest Sweet on Trader Joe's Reviews

What is "Sweet on Trader Joe's?"

In case you're new here, Sweet on Trader Joe's is our sister site where we, um, review all of the things from Trader Joe's. Our small team includes my husband, a darling brother (12) and sister (8) duo, me...and the occasional pop-in by Jack.

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Our Latest Sweet on Trader Joe's Reviews, summer 2023, sweets

Shall we start with the sweets? 

gluten-free Trader Joe's items collage , summer 2023,

Looking for Trader Joe's Gluten-Free options? We've got you.

Trader Joe's snacks collage , summer 2023,

Snacks? You can't HANDLE the snacks!
OK...maybe you can. Here's a sampling of our latest reviews of Trader Joe's snacks: Chips in a Pickle (Dill Pickle Potato Chips), PB&C Snack Duo, Cacio e Pepe Puffs, and Mee Krob Crackers.

Trader Joe's non-food items collage , summer 2023,

Oh, and we also review some non-food items from Trader Joe's. 

But wait...there's more! Those are just a sampling of what we've been trying and reviewing on Sweet on Trader Joe's. Pop over and let us know in the comments what you'd like to see us review next! 

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