All Hail MINI Wedding Cookies!

assorted decorated wedding cookies, large and mini in navy and gold theme

Making cookies for a wedding? Bridal shower? Engagement party? Anniversary celebration? Add some mini wedding cookies to the mix! 

When I made these Navy and Gold Floral Monogram Wedding cookies, I also made lots of mini cookies! 

assorted decorated wedding cookies, large and mini in navy and gold theme

Why you need mini decorated cookies on your wedding dessert table:

1. *gasp* Not everyone wants a regular-size cookie. Maybe they'd also like a slice of cake (bride's and groom's, please), and a big cookie is just too much. wouldn't be too much for me, but it happens. 

As a cookie maker, almost nothing makes me more crestfallen than seeing a half-eaten cookie on a plate. You NEVER see a half-eaten mini cookie.

2. With minis, you get a big bang for your buck (or ingredients). You can make A LOT of mini cookies with one batch of dough and one batch of icing. Where you can maybe only get 12-15 regular-sized cookies out of one batch of cut-out sugar cookies, you might get 24-36 minis. Of course, that depends on the size and shape of the mini cookie cutter.

In other words, mini desserts and cookies keep costs down.

3. Mini wedding cookies look super cute on a bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding dessert table. 

4. Mini cookies are easy to pack and freeze if you're making them ahead of time. 

set of navy and gold themed decorated wedding cookies

If you are having a dessert table, how many desserts should you plan on per person? 

According to The Aisle Guide, plan on about 3.5 desserts per person. So, mini cookies help you get to that number quicker.

navy and gold wedding - decorated cookie set

For these mini wedding cookies, I used my go-to perfect every time cut-out sugar cookie recipe and no-fail icing recipe

mini white-on-white wedding cake cookie

I made the swoops of icing on the mini wedding cake cookies using a petal icing tip. I just loved how they turned out. 

navy and gold wedding decorated cookie set
I used Edibleart Gold Bakery Paint for the rings to make them really pop! 

Now, someone please pass me a slice of that groom's cake. 

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