Nutella Tiramisu

nutella tiramisu, cut piece

After chocolate chip cookies, tiramisu is my very favorite dessert. I bake chocolate chip cookies frequently. This begs the question...why am I not making tiramisu on the regular?

*this recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

Nutella Tiramisu

Nutella Tiramisu is a Nutella-lover's spin on a classic Italian dessert! Taking a cue from Nutella's hazelnut flavor, hazelnut liqueur takes the place of the traditional marsala. This creamy, make-ahead treat is the perfect combination of coffee, cocoa, hazelnut, and Nutella.

Another bonus about tiramisu? It's a no-bake, make-ahead dessert. 

Nutella Tiramisu ingredients

Let's meet the key ingredients in Nutella Tiramisu.

nutella jar in foreground, frangelico in background

Nutella. Oh hi. You guessed that one. I'm a Nutella girl. A creamy chocolate and hazelnut concoction that is always in my pantry. 

collage of Nutella recipes

Please enjoy these other Nutella recipes while you're at it:

tub of mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone. A little like cream cheese but lighter, mascarpone is a MUST when making tiramisu. It's lightly sweet. If you've never tried it, get some today! 

Frangelico bottle in white kitchen

Frangelico. Let's start with the Frangelico bottle. It might be the cutest liqueur bottle ever. Frangelico is made from Italian hazelnuts - combined with coffee, cocoa, and vanilla. The name is an abbreviation of Fra' Angelico, a hermit monk believed to have inhabited the magnificent Piedmont hills during the 18th century, where Christian monks are said to have distilled liquor using these ingredients. 

espresso out of nespresso machine

Espresso. Our Nespresso machine makes for quick work of espresso, but you can also make the amount called for in the recipe using espresso powder. PS. We've had our Nespresso for ages...they've updated the look of them, but I can attest to their quality! 

lady fingers and mascarpone

Lady Fingers. Sometimes written as ladyfingers, all one word. Luckily, store-bought ladyfinger cookies are perfect for making tiramisu. Their texture holds up to a brief dip in the coffee/Frangelico mixture. 

Once you have all your ingredients gathered, making and assembling is straightforward. 

bowl of tiramisu cream

Whip up eggs with Imperial Sugar and Frangelico. You'll heat this in a bowl over simmering water. 

bowl of tiramisu cream

Once that has cooked and cooled, stir in that lovely mascarpone and whipped cream.

dipping ladyfingers in coffee and liqueur, for tiramisu

Espresso is whisked together with Frangelico - don't drink it!!! The lady fingers get a quick dip, as in one second per side. 

first lady finger layer of tiramisu

The dipped cookies are then placed to cover the bottom of a serving dish. 

collage, making nutella tiramisu

Cover with the cream and drizzle of Nutella. Repeat layers. Top the whole thing off with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. That's mandatory. 

Tiramisu must chill overnight to set, for the flavors to marry, and for the perfect texture to develop. 

nutella tiramisu

Before serving, swipe a dollop of Nutella across the serving plates. Place a square of tiramisu on top. Dust with more cocoa powder. 


Oh, also...this Pineapple Cream Tiramisu is dreamy as well! 

Nutella Tiramisu, piece on white plate
I'm sharing my recipe for Nutella Tiramisu on Imperial Sugar today! 

I'd love for you to try it! Let's pledge to make more tiramisu!!! 

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