7 Cut-Out Cookie Recipes for October and Fall Cookie Decorating

October is the beginning of #CookieSeason in my book. I love a Halloween-decorated cookie, a decorated pumpkin cookie, cookie place cards for Thanksgiving...right on into decorated Christmas cookies

If you want to shake up your cookie game this fall, try a new variation on a cut-out sugar cookie recipe! These are tried and true recipes that I know you'll love. I've been making and decorating cut-out cookies for over two decades; you can trust these recipes. 

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Collage of 7 Cut-Out Cookie Recipes for October and Fall Cookie Decorating

7 Cut-Out Cookie Recipes for October and Fall Cookie Decorating

Black Cocoa Cut-Out Cookies

stack of black cocoa cut-out sugar cookies

If you're looking for the deepest, darkest chocolate sugar cookie for Halloween cookie decorating, this is it! Made with just the right amount of black cocoa, the cookies are almost black in color without food coloring and without going bitter. 

Brown Sugar and Spice Cut-Out Cookies

ivory decorated pumpkin cookies, royal icing

People RAVE about these cookies every year! Lightly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice, these cookies use brown sugar for a slightly softer cookie that still holds up to cookie decorating and packaging.

Butterbeer Cookies

butterbeer cut-out sugar cookies with butterbeer glaze

Whether you decorate with royal icing or top with a butterbeer glaze, these butterbeer sugar cookies are an absolute must for your mini Harrys and Hermoines this Halloween!

Brown Sugar and Orange Cut-Out Cookies

brown sugar cut-out sugar cookie dough with cookie cutters and rolling pin

Orange adds a little flair and freshness to a brown sugar cut-out cookie. These Brown Sugar and Orange Sugar Cookies are especially lovely at Thanksgiving and Halloween to cut through the heavy food and sweets. 

Biscoff Cut-Out Cookies

biscoff cut-out cookies with jar of biscoff spread

You know Biscoff! The crisp, cinnamon cookies you always hope are a snack option when flying? These cookies bring the cinnamon flavor of Biscoff to cut-out cookies thanks to Biscoff spread! Perfect for fall cookie decorating! 

Spiced Pumpkin Cut-Out Cookies

pumpkin cut-out sugar cookies

That's right...not "pumpkin spice," but "spiced pumpkin!" These fall cut-out sugar cookies are made with actual pumpkin! Consider decorating them with some pumpkin juice royal icing

Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies

no chill, cut-out cookie recipe

I don't think we can have a round-up of cut-out sugar cookie recipes without the OG: Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies AKA my vanilla-almond cut-out cookies. This is the original no-chill, cut-out cookie recipe. I've literally made thousands of cookies using this recipe since 2000. If you're not ready to switch things up flavorwise, this is your sure thing. 

Don't forget the royal icing!

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