Punny Food-Themed Valentine Decorated Cookies

If you've been reading Bake at 350 for a while, you already know that Valentine season is my favorite season. Not just for decorating cookies, but for clothes, and dishes, and decor...gimme all the HEARTS!

I guess it's not a surprise that much of my art is heart-themed

punny food-related valentine decorated cookies

The Valentine food pun is a subset of my love for all things Valentine. Why are they so adorable? Someone should study that. 

Click the links to go to the step-by-step tutorial and recipes! 

Favorite Punny Food-Themed Valentine Decorated Cookies : Recipes and Decorating Tutorials...

BEER My Valentine. 

Will You BEER Mine? Beer-Themed Valentine Cookies

Made with chocolate cut-out cookie dough, the decorating time of the beer bottle cookies is cut in half! Also, they're so so cute! Cheers!

OLIVE You! Martini-Themed Valentine Cookies

olive you! martini-theme valentine cookies

GIANT olives with heart-shaped pimentos? Where are these in real life? I mean, I have a heart-shaped hole punch. Some olive company could make a mint with a heart-shaped olive pitter! Cheers again

Take a Little PIZZA My Heart! Pizza-Themed Valentine Cookies

pizza-themed valentine cookies

It's the heart-shaped pepperoni for me, y'all. Speaking of which, I may need to make that pizza in real life this year. The pizza AND the cookies! The cool thing about this set is you don't need a special cookie cutter to make it! 

You're the Mushroom to My Swiss! Mushroom and Swiss Burger-Themed Valentine Cookies

mushroom and swiss valentine cookies

I love everything about this Valentine's cookie set. Although, I really don't like mushroom swiss burgers! This is really a fun set to make. The heart-shaped holes in the swiss cheese will make you smile. Making the hearts is extra easy with the back of these heart-shaped measuring spoons, but they're not essential.

TACO Belle. Taco-Themed Valentine Cookies

taco-themed taco belle valentine cookies

These flirty taco cookies would be so cute for a Galentine's party! Or, of course, for your taco-loving sweetie! 

Life it BUTTER with YOU!

You're My BUTTER Half! Toast and Butter-Themed Valentine Cookies

butter and toast-themed valentine cookie set

You had me at toast. Seriously, buttered toast is the ultimate comfort food, so these are just the cookies for the Valentine who brings you comfort! 

Hmm... Do I need to make a new food-related Valentine cookie set this year?!?

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