I thought I'd post a couple beer cookie pics since St. Patrick's Day is just 11 days away. :) With it falling so close to Easter this year, I'm not sure I'll make Easter AND St. Paddy's Day cookies, but in case your plans call for green beer's a tip.

These top 2 pictures show how I first did them. I thought a star tip would work great for the "foam" at the top. Well, I didn't love the way they turned out and this way used A LOT of icing. Near the end, I was close to praying to St. Patrick to let the icing hold out through the last cookie.

So, here's what I finally came up with. The foam part is just filled in as normal with flood icing and after it dried, I piped little curlicues for the bubbles. I like this much better.
Happy green beer drinking and eating!

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