Who, ME?!?

I just have to start out by saying I am beyond flattered to be tagged again for a meme by Aran of Cannelle et Vanille. My first thought is she reads my blog?!?!? Her blog and creations are absolutely gorgeous...gorgeous! If you didn't click on the first link, here it is again. Check it out!

Five more things about me, this time about cookies and blogging:
  1. Years ago, I remember reading a book that said you should follow what you loved as a child and you will be happy. I really racked my brain and couldn't think of anything I was really into as a kid. Now, I get it. My most memorable birthday party...we decorated our own mini-cakes and my mom made all of the girls coordinating aprons and chef's hats out of dotted swiss! In a high school Spanish competition, I won a prize for dessert (I made flan, haven't made it since). As a girl, I loved to make these giant, soft chocolate chip cookies from a kids' cookbook (can't find it now), but I always got a secret thrill when people said they were good. I wish I would have noticed this food trend much earlier in life! A major in psychology?!? What was I thinking?
  2. I started making decorated cookies 9 years ago when my son was a baby and I quit work to stay home. I had no idea what I was doing. I wish I had pictures...they are tucked away in a box somewhere. I used to dip the cookies in icing and spread with a spatula. Most had only 2 colors and sprinkles. I made all of them on a stick and put them in clay pots and sold them to mainly family and friends. (Thanks, guys!)
  3. That blossomed into learning all about cookie decorating and finally opening a web store, shipping nationwide and then focusing on local deliveries only. When 2008 came, I decided to hang up my apron, so to speak, and quit selling cookies and just make them for fun. It gives me more time to spend with my son who we are now homeschooling and less late nights decorating.
  4. I was introduced to blogging by my cousin, Maura. Her blog, paper bluebird, was the first one I ever paid attention to and soon became addicted. She is an inspiration, always finding the beauty and joy in life and crafting some amazing things along the way. So, I thought, OK...maybe I'll try combining cookies and blogging.
  5. My sister & I also have a blog, two curlytops, where we share what we are up to. My sister's posts are a combination of quilting, crafts, photography and food...mine, well, just food. She's more multi-faceted than I am. :)

There you have it...more than you ever wanted to know! Since I tagged 5 bloggers last time, I'll just leave you with 1 more link to Aran's blog...Cannelle et Vanille.



  1. yay! thanks for the shout-out. :) I love reading these little memes. So much fun to learn more about how you came to do what you are doing and what you love about it!

  2. Fun!! I remember maikeng those cakes!
    Great post.

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your well wishes. You're right, my dad is looking down on me and is my cheerleader through this difficult time and my Series 7 test. My daughter (Ashley/Sweet Somethings) turned me onto blogging and, in particular, your blog and I absolutely love both! You have so much talent and I truly hope to eventually be as talented and creative as you are. You are an inspiration to me and my daughter!

  4. Oh my goodness, ladybug! Wow...that is SO nice! Thank you for the kind words!

    I lost my mom 8 years ago...it does get easier eventually. Now I can think of her and smile instead of bursting into tears. :) It took a couple of years; you'll get there, too.

    Good luck again on your test!

  5. Hi Bridget!
    I missed this when you first posted it. How could it be? I check your blog everyday! I even commented on your St Patrick's day cookies... Anyhow, I'm glad you went ahead and responded to my tag. It's nice to know more about you. I'm also a stay at home mom for my 19 month old son but this blog is my outlet.
    Keep on blogging because I'm here to read!!!

  6. it was neat learning more about you. it doesn't surprise me that you used to sell your cookies! :)

  7. Thank you, your cookies are beautiful! I have a question about selling cookies over the internet--did you have to prepare your cookies out of a professional kitchen or did you do this from home? I'm looking to get started and the laws in my county say baked goods sold need to come from a health dept certified kitchen. Any advice would be appreciated!


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