Easter....NINE days away!!!

Wow! Easter is sure sneaking up on me this year. Need to get to the store before the all the good candy (Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs) is gone!

Here's an idea for your Easter baking:

These decorated Easter eggs are some of my favorite cookies. I don't know if it's the combination of dots and squiggles, or the colors, or those little scalloped lines across the middle.

For details on how to make the dots, click here. For the squiggly lines, follow the basic instructions for dots (adding the line color on top of the WET flood icing), but squeeze lines instead of dots across your cookie. Make all of then lines that you want in one section...in the cookies above, I used 3 different colors, then drag a toothpick through your lines alternating up and down.

To make the little yellow "scalloped" detail, use a #2 tip and pipe across the cookie, changing the pressure while squeezing the piping bag. Don't let up in between bumps, continue in one line. A good way to get a feel for it is to practice on a piece of waxed paper or a plate.
These are great cookies for personalization also, just wait until the icing is completely dry (overnight) and write with a food coloring pen (AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Pens).



  1. i just found your blog and your cookies are beautiful! i'm going to try out my first decorated cookies this weekend and if they come out 1/1000th as good looking as these i'll be happy! :)

  2. Thanks, Mimi! I'm glad you found me! :) I hope you post a picture of your cookies on your blog. That chocolate tart you made looks incredible!

  3. wow, i would love to get an easter basket from you filled with those cookies! like i said before, i don't think i could ever make cookies as beautiful as yours!

  4. Hi from Joy. Remember me? LoL It's been a bit ago... remember the joke about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon?

    I had a question for you about cookies. I made some chocolate chip cookies but, as I got everything together, I realized I had no eggs. I made them without eggs and they turned out okay. A little more flat but okay. Have you ever done that?

    Anyway, your cookies look so sweet. :)

  5. Hi Joy! I have made some cookie brittle that is made without eggs and I love it!

    The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

    One time I made oatmeal cookies and omitted the flour! :) Yikes! They spread out and covered the entire cookie sheet. I thought the batter looked strange!

  6. LoL You know what I did when I was a kid? I'd stay home from school, oh mom, I don't feel good! And I'd make cookies! But I'd never used a recipe. Just made do with what we had. Mostly they were butter cookies.

    Well, was this confusions 101? ;)

  7. Good for easter egg hunting. I love eating cookies.

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