Baseball (?) season

Yes, it's still baseball season here in Texas. Our family was scheduled to bring snacks to my son's game yesterday. When I sold cookies, baseball cookies were probably the cookies I made the most. Texas is not just football country!
I realized Halloween night as I was getting ready to ice these, that I was out of disposable icing own personal Halloween horror!!! Rather than run out, dodging trick-or-treaters, I used gallon freezer baggies. In a pinch, they worked, although they were not as easy to use as the icing bags. My advice...baggies are for emergency icing situations only! :)
To make the baseball mitts:
  • Using a #3 tip, outline around the edge of a baseball mitt cookie in dark brown'll make the "fingers" later. (AmeriColor Chocolate Brown)
  • Thin medium brown icing with water to a syrup-y consistency and cover with a damp towel. Let sit several minutes. (AmeriColor Chocolate Brown)
  • Run a rubber spatula gently through the icing to pop any bubbles that have formed on top. Pour into a squeeze bottle.
  • Fill in the cookie with the flood icing. Let dry 1 hour or more.
  • Again with the dark brown icing and #3 tip, pipe the details including the fingers on the mitt.
  • In red icing, with a #3 tip, pipe the remaining details. (AmeriColor Super Red)
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