We interrupt the scheduled blog post to bring you...cheesecake!

I'll post part 2 of our cookie shipment later, but I had to post this cheesecake we had last night first. It is SO good!
This is a recipe form Martha Stewart Living magazine...No-Bake Spiderweb Cheesecake. I never got around to making it before Halloween, so I added squiggles on top instead of a spiderweb. Ganache has a different consistency than the royal icing I'm used to...you can see where my hand got a little shaky piping. (I think that means I have to make it again? Just for practice!) :) After trying it, my son declared that it should be called "dream cake." It's really that good...and rich...and not fat free! :) I'll be making this the next time we have company.

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