Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

My dad's birthday is today....happy birthday, Dad!!! He came to visit over the weekend and we had some friends over to celebrate. Here are the cookies from his party...
I was so afraid he would step off the plane with his goatee shaved off, but he didn't...whew!

After seeing Laura's post (she's the owner of A Dozen Eggs and makes perfect cookies) about using flood icing on top of dried flood icing, I thought I would try it for these.
I really liked the way it added some dimension to the cookies. I outlined and filled the face and the shirt and let that dry for about 2 hours. Then I outlined the hair, goatee and button onto the semi-dry flood icing. Then, the hair, etc. were filled in with flood icing.

After drying overnight, I added the nose and lettering with a food coloring pen (AmeriColor Gourmet Writers.)
We had such a fun time! I think I am still suffering from a margarita, cake, cookie, tamale, queso, empanada overload!!! Happy Birthday, Dad!!! We love you!
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