Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

My dad's birthday is today....happy birthday, Dad!!! He came to visit over the weekend and we had some friends over to celebrate. Here are the cookies from his party...
I was so afraid he would step off the plane with his goatee shaved off, but he didn't...whew!

After seeing Laura's post (she's the owner of A Dozen Eggs and makes perfect cookies) about using flood icing on top of dried flood icing, I thought I would try it for these.
I really liked the way it added some dimension to the cookies. I outlined and filled the face and the shirt and let that dry for about 2 hours. Then I outlined the hair, goatee and button onto the semi-dry flood icing. Then, the hair, etc. were filled in with flood icing.

After drying overnight, I added the nose and lettering with a food coloring pen (AmeriColor Gourmet Writers.)
We had such a fun time! I think I am still suffering from a margarita, cake, cookie, tamale, queso, empanada overload!!! Happy Birthday, Dad!!! We love you!


  1. These are beyond cute! I love your attention to detail.

    Just curious, but what kind of camera do you use to take such AWESOME photos? I need a new camera...

    (PS thank you for your comment!)

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad. Those cookies are adorable. I wish I could reach through the computer to take a bite. Sounds like you had a nice time at the party.

  3. Thanks, Julia! I just have a little digital camera. It's a Fuji FinePix F480. I'd love to have a "real" camera, but can't justify it to take pictures of cookies! :) I use the macro setting most of the time with no flash.

  4. Those cookies look GREAT! You are so talented! :)

  5. Hey Bridget,
    Just checking in to see what new creations you've whipped up! You are so talented!! Hope your Dad had a great birthday!

    Loved Jack's cake -- it looked yummy! The pink poodles are precious too!


  6. I love your blog - and I love your cookies - but I thought "boy those are big dentures" (the goatee)..sorry - I'm old and tired....

  7. Happy Birthday, Dad!

    Your cookies are always amazing. Each one so perfect. I just don't have the patience.

  8. those are great cookies! Happy Birthday, John!

  9. Those are so cute! I love the details!

  10. I know your dad was pleased with these cookies. It sounds like Y'all had a great time celebrating!

    Thanks for the compliment about my 5am hair. It stayed like that 5am hair all weekend! We had fun but some of your cookies would have been really good! If you took off your dad's hair, that would be a perfect cookie for Phillip.

  11. Great job on the faces! Sounds like a delicious party. Mexican is my absolute favorite cuisine.
    And thanks for the link/post! I get lots of traffic on my blog from bake@350.

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  13. those are adorable! i bet he loved them!

  14. I am in awe of your baking! Oh how I wish I could make such pretty, tasty things. I can make tasty things, but they are rarely pretty. :-(

    (I'm here from We Are THAT Family.) So nice to discover you! :)

  15. Hello, I came from We are THAT family!!

    I'm so glad she shared you with us, although I just gained 5 lbs reading your blog.

  16. These are awesome - I bet your Dad went nuts over them! Way to go, Bridget!


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