He said, She said . . . Ice Cream Pie

{Be sure to visit this page: Ice Cream Pie, Revisited for an even yummier, more decadent version!}

Have you seen the Turtle Ice Cream Pie from Bon Appetit magazine this month? I could not resist! It just looked so beautiful...and it was beautiful in person as well! :)

Here's the he said, she said...

I thought...it's good, but kind of plain.

Hubby...pronounced it "in the top 5 of all desserts ever."
I think I would have loved it if the ice cream hadn't been vanilla. The crust was perfect, the caramel sauce was drool-worthy, the chocolate topping was delicious, but it all got underwhelmed by vanilla! IMHO :)

So, I will make this again, but I'm thinking...coffee ice cream, or even chocolate....mmmmmm.....
The makings of the crust...pecans, graham cracker crumbs, sugar and melted butter
Oh...the caramel sauce! The hardest part of the recipe: not eating all of the caramel between layers!!!

Layering the caramel and the ice cream...
...and the pie, waiting the the freezer :)

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