Basket Case

Here is another cookie cutter that I bought ages ago and am just getting around to Easter basket!


I wasn't sure about the "grass" when I was decorating them, but now that they are finished, I'm glad I added it.

easter baskets resized


I like them mixed in with the Easter chicks. :)

To make the basket cookies:

easter basket sketch

{isn't this cookie "sketch" cool?!?}

  • Using a #2 tip, outline the bow in pale yellow (Spectrum Lemon Yellow).
  • With a #3 tip, outline the basket in purple (AmeriColor Violet).
  • Still using the #3 tip, make the basket handles, pulsing the icing bag as you run it along the cookie to make bumps.
  • With a #2 tip, outline the each in pink (AmeriColor Soft Pink), blue (Spectrum Sky Blue), and yellow.
  • Thin all of the icing with water until it is the consistency of syrup. Cover with a damp dishtowel.
  • Before using each color, run a rubber spatula through the icing to break any large bubbles. Transfer to a squeeze bottle.
  • Fill in the basket in purple; use a toothpick to guide the icing to the edges.
  • Fill in the bow and one egg in yellow.
  • Fill in the blue and pink eggs.
  • Let dry at least one hour.
  • With a #2 tip, add the detailing to the basket.
  • With a #2 tip, add the detailing to the bow.
  • Using a #1 tip, pipe Easter grass along the edge of the basket in light green (AmeriColor Leaf Green).


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