My Main Squeeze . . .Works For Me Wednesday

Flooding* cookies with icing can be a messy affair. That's why I love squeeze bottles!

*{Flooding is just a fancy term for filling in a cookie with thinned icing.}
For piping outlines and details in royal icing, I use pastry bags. When I'm ready to fill in the cookie outline, I thin the icing and transfer the (flood) icing into squeeze bottles.
Why not use a pastry bag? Using a pastry bag for flood icing can lead to this:
Not pretty! Plus, those drips out of the top of the bag can plop down right on an already decorated cookie!!!
{I know, I used to do it this way!}
Now, I use these...(they come in a larger size, too)
...and I'm left with this....I like that. Much less messy!
Squeeze bottles can be found in the candy making section of most craft stores and sometimes in the craft section of WalMart.
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