Bowl me over

My sister and nephew are coming for a visit tomorrow! :) My nephew is he is...
....go ahead. Awwwww!

His great love....bowling! Santa even brought him a bowling ball for Christmas. So, I made some bowling cookies for him.
bowling side
I used a vintage-y cutter that I found on eBay. It was fun to finally use it, although it is one of those cutters that is closed on the top. You know what I mean? It wouldn't cut all the way through the wasn't deep enough, so I had to go around the shape with a paring knife.
Other than the cookie cutter issue, these are really easy cookies to make. I just outlined and filled the shapes with black/white icing and added the pin stripes using a #4 tip and the finger holes with a #3. Easy Peasy!
bowling side close
I hope he likes them!!!
bowling bowl
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