Good Morning, Sunshine!

Oh, happy day!
english muffins 1
I love English muffins. I could eat them every morning for breakfast...a little butter, maybe a little strawberry jam. For summer lunches, I love them with veggie cream cheese, big tomato slices and cucumbers.

What I don't love? That English muffins from the store have 25 ingredients! I find myself buying them less and less. Every recipe I've seen for them calls for special equipment...and I'm lazy...and cheap! :) But NOW....I found this wonderful recipe from The Knead for Bread (an amazing, drool-worthy bread blog).

Chuck's recipe calls for cookie cutters! Those, I have!
english muffin rolling pin
Here they are just cut out and getting ready to be covered for a 2nd rise.

english muffin griddle
And...on the griddle....

muffins w butter and jelly
I couldn't decide...butter or butter with jelly. I went for one of each.

english muffin split
Anyone else own an English muffin splitter? This was a gift from my in-laws; it's wonderful. Although, the picture on the left makes me think of Hannibal Lector...yikes!
english muffin sand top
english muffin sammy
You know how store-bought English muffins are terrible unless they are toasted? These are delicious! I made a little turkey sandwich on one for lunch.

english muffins
I kept thinking to myself...I made these!...they made me proud. :) Trust me, you'll want to make them, too! Happy eating!

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