Organizing cookie cutters...Works For Me Wednesday

I outgrew my cookie cutter basket years ago. Not only was it overflowing, but it was a pain to dig for the right cutter.

In our last house, my husband came up with this plan...a shoe rack. He attached it to the back of one of our doors and I just popped the cookie cutters on in alphabetical order.
cookie cutter door

When we moved, there wasn't a good "cookie cutter door," so I'm using this rack of wire baskets and baggies to organize my cutters. Baggies aren't the prettiest, but they work!
cookie cutter drawers

They, too, are in alphabetical order. Can you guess which letter has the most baggies? The letter S wins with 3 baggies full and 23 cutters!
cookie cutters a

cookie cutter hearts
Hearts get their own bag. :)
cookie cutters top drawer
The top drawer is my favorite. It has ribbon, cookie bags, gift tags, etc. I wish the rest of my life was this organized.

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