Have you heard of Blissfully Domestic? It's an online magazine devoted to "real life." Here's a snippet from the website of what Blissfully Domestic is all about:

"We are 100% written and managed by real women; women who write as we bounce babies on our knees, women who spend lots of time in the carpool line, women who need coffee and women who are tired of traditional magazines written by 23 year olds fresh out of college."

Don't you love it? I am so happy to announce that I'm going to be contributing to the food channel of Blissfully Domestic, called "Blissfully Delish." Yay!!!
Proud to be a Blissfully Domestic Contributor
My first post will be on the site tomorrow...I'll let you know when. I hope you'll come on over and join me! There's something there for everyone!
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