My Ice Cream Maker...Works For Me Wednesday

Why I let this wedding gift sit unused for 6 years, I'll never know. This baby works for me!!! If you have an ice cream maker sitting in a box in the back of your cabinet, now is the time to break it out! If you don't have one, well, you might need one! :)
Homemade ice cream was like a revelation to me. It's a little like homemade bread; once you taste homemade, you never want to to back.

And, it's EASY!!! The kids can help, the mix-ins are limitless...and even the mistakes taste good!

Two of my favorite ice cream books are Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book and The Ultimate Ice Cream Book. Both are great resources and have more recipes than you could ever make. (The Ultimate Ice Cream Book has a recipe for chocolate sorbet that is fat-free...not that we care about those things...and utterly decadent!)

coconut cake and ice cream
My favorite ice cream EVER is Jerry's Chocolate from the Ben & Jerry's book. (This is the ice cream I served with the coconut cake a few posts back.)

Here we made it and added cookie dough chunks.
chocolate cookie dough ice cream

chocolate cookie dough after

It's not all about chocolate, though...don't forget Key Lime Pie ice cream!
key lime
Keep the ice cream freezer canister in the freezer and you'll always be ready to whip up a batch. (I line mine with a piece of plastic wrap to prevent it picking up other smells from the freezer.)

What your favorite ice cream flavor?

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