Disposable Pastry Bags...Works For Me Wednesday

You know from a previous WFMW that I love squeeze bottles for flooding cookies (filling in the outlines). But here's what I use for piping outlines and adding details...
Disposable Pastry Bags!

Why are these great? No washing! You may have seen these...
...but they require washing and drying after each use. Messy and aggravating!

Some recommend using baggies for a piping bag. I don't. I think they are hard to control, not all that sturdy, and the tip has to be cut off just right.

Disposable decorating bags work for me.
icing bag prep 1
Insert a coupler, cut off the end (most say to cut it further up the coupler, I like to cut off less of the bag, that way there's less of a chance of leakage),
icing bag preps 2
...add a tip and secure with the coupler ring. Now, if you want to change tip sizes, just unscrew the ring, change the tip and re-secure.
{Here's a great link with more details on how to use a pastry/decorating bag.}

Disposable bags are sold at bakery supply stores, craft stores and even WalMart. I buy mine in the box of 100 at Michaels. I cringed the fist time I saw the price, $19.99. I always wait for my 40% off Michaels coupon from the Sunday paper. With the coupon, the bags come to about 12¢ each. (OK...even at full price, they are only 20¢ each, but I feel better using a coupon.:)

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