I had to try it...

english muffin basket
Ever since making homemade English muffins, I've had visions of pink ♥-shaped muffins dancing in my head.

Well...they didn't exactly turn out like the muffins of my dreams, but they are still good.
english muffin hearts cut
english muffin hearts

Here's what I learned:
  1. Gel/Paste food coloring does not "knead in." I ended up with marbleized dough...good if you are going for the 60's psychedelic look.
  2. Heart-shaped dough doesn't necessarily stay heart-shaped. Anyone for English muffin amoebas?
  3. Most important, my neighbor makes a killer strawberry jam!!! (And it is the prettiest shade of red!)
english muffin jam
I think I'm sticking to the original from now on. :)
{If only I can get my hands on some more jam. Hmmmm...}
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