Beautiful Silhouettes: Cookie Exchange!

Ladies, it's time for another Cookie Exchange.....

These gorgeous cookies were made by Melissa of The Good Apple. (Go take a minute...or more likely, an look at her amazingly beautiful cakes and cupcakes!)

Aren't these silhouette cookies the cutest idea?!?

I absolutely love them! Wouldn't these be great for a wedding or Mother's Day or....?
Thank you, Melissa for being a part of Cookie Exchange!

Be sure to check out all of the former cookie exchange participants, including:


  1. Is that Nie and Mr. Nielson???

  2. Those are gorgeous!! I'll have to check out her site.

  3. I love Melissa!! and her cookies! =)

    She did my wedding cake:

  4. La Pixie...How FUN!!! What a cute cake!

  5. so pretty - i love 'em!

  6. Wow! I really like these.. bet they are not easy, though...

  7. Wow, I can't even imagine the patience that must go into these. They are gorgeous. I have to know how they are made!! :-)

  8. Wow...I love cupcakes. Absolutely gorgeous. Those are gorgeous cookies. What a beautiful cakes and cupcakes. My mouth is watering—amazing photo! Awesome. I can't wait to make this next week. Thank you melissa for being a part of cookie exchange.

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