A good man . . . um, realtor . . . is hard to find

HOUSES and thank you close
Is it just me, or is finding a good realtor almost as difficult as finding a good man? After 12 years of marriage, 5 houses, 1 apartment and 1 duplex, we've been through a few.

Keep reading because if you live in the Houston or Dallas area, I have 2 realtor recommendations for you. :)
houses thanks yous
The realtor who sold us our house just ordered these cookies for another client. I first made the cottage/house cookie years ago and I think it's still my husband's favorite.

house prep collage
houses thank yous side

Here are my realtor recommendations...(they are unsolicited and unpaid; these are just darn good people...and agents!):

In Houston: Jessica Rushing with Zip Realty. Jessica is a doll; level-headed, genuine and thoughtful. While I was walking through, picturing houses with painted cabinets and wood floors instead of carpet, she would say something like, did you notice this house backs to a busy street? Yeah...I needed her. :) She helped us find just the right place and it was smooth sailing. She's just a pleasure to work with.

In Dallas: Paul Bush with Keller Williams. We've worked with Paul twice, once to buy, once to sell. He is one of the first people I would call if we were moving back to Dallas....my dad, my sister, 2 Dallas girlfriends, then Paul Bush. (Honestly, I might call him first.) He LISTENS! He could look at a house for me and tell me if I would like it (or not). He's a great guy, amazingly good at what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough.
houses and THANK YOU close


  1. I just found the best realtor. I should definitely make these for her!

  2. The good ones make all the difference, and so do the bad ones!

  3. Bridget,
    Thanks for your comment! I've never met anyone who thinks cleaning is relaxing, do they exist?

    I found your blog a few months ago and I'm so glad I did. I started to make sugar cookies and decorate them. I've only made a few but it was so much fun and they came out great! You've taught me everything I know! I'm thinking about offering to make them for friends and family for birthday party favors or something. We need some extra income and I love to bake! so this might be the right combo. Do you think that taking a Wilton cake decorating class would be a good idea? I've been thinking about taking one for a while. Wow long comment! Love the little cottage cookies!

  4. My heart nearly stopped when I read the title of your post.

    I thought y'all were moving.

    Do you know what's harder to find than a good realtor?

    A good neighbor :D

  5. Bridget You're AMAZING!
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Cheers, Sophie Sydney, Australia

  6. Um.. we just bought a new house and our realtor was great, but we didn't get a THING for our $300k other than our HOUSE. No cookies for us! Boooo! You'd think we'd get SOMETHING, especially considering I found the house myself!

  7. Oh, I miss Van Buren! These cookies remind me of 2104!

  8. Awesome, awesome cookies! They are so cute!

  9. The COOKIES are great... I loooove yellow... and the tiny flowers are so nice...

  10. Donna...my mom thought ironing was relaxing, LOL! :) I have never taken that class, but I'm sure it's great. I know Viking Cooking Schools offer cake decorating classes, too. I'd love to take the fondant one.

    Kristen...awwww! :) I feel the same! We've already panicked about your move to "the country."

  11. Those little houses are so cute! What a perfect housewarming gift.

  12. such a cute idea and happy looking houses! I love the yellow!

  13. Love, love, love your site! I am now a subscriber.

    I make iced sugar cookies often, but you have now inspired me to make them even prettier. =)

  14. Those are cute! I think these would be a great gift for someone who just bought their first home too, like maybe for a house-warming party :)

  15. Thanks for the plug for Keller Williams!! I love working for KW! It is truly a company with a heart!!!

    And about good neighbors, yes, they are SO hard to find!! We miss the Edwards in Alabama terribly!!!

    Hi to all from Madison!

  16. oh my gosh - these cookies look better than most real houses!! if i could move into one of them, i would. you are so utterly talented. LOVE THEM!!!

  17. Love those cookies!
    We LOVED our realtor too. We called a lot and didn't really like most of the people we talked to for various reasons, and then my husband found the one we ended up working with and we LOVED him.
    We've referred several people to him already.

  18. These cookies are totally adorable! I love all the little details.

  19. I love your cookies!! We are on the way to buy our first house and are dealing with realtors too. Luckily, my husbands parents and his brother and sister are all realtors (he was the black sheep in the family and is a musician!) so we are in good hands. They would adore these cookies! Maybe when I move into my nice big kitchen I will attempt something like these! You have such great talent!

  20. I love those little houses. We are going to have to find a realtor soon. We will probably out our house up for sale next Spring. Not sure where we'll move yet. We may just throw a dart at the SE United States.

  21. awww I wish I had known this when we were looking! we seriously had a hard time finding a good realtor and even fired one b/c he stood us up at an appointment we had with him and had his assistant TEXT us 15 minutes after the scheduled appt to tell us he could not make it!!! the 2nd realtor we used was very accommodating but we were rushed in our search and had to do most o the work ourselves as far as finding properties to look at it.

    But, we finally have our home in Dallas now and we love it. You wouldn't believe how awful it was to work w/the seller's agent - she was so bad that even everyone at the Title company knows her reputation. She is rude and difficult to work with.

    Anyway, thank you for the kind words you left on my blog

  22. i don t know what a realtor is. but anyways I just discovered your blog. It s super nice and your creations awesome/ I line these house biscuits :)

  23. Bridget I love you and I am very embarrassed to say I am just now seeing this!! My clients LOVED those cookies. Thank you so much for plugging me in your blog. Miss you guys! I'm goinmg to need more of those cookies. :)

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