HOMEMADE, Whole-Grain Pancake Mix. . .Works For Me Wednesday

Remember last week when I said I would give you a recipe to go with that buttermilk? Here it is! It's Homemade Whole-Grain Pancake Mix from, say it with me now, King Arthur Flour. :)
pancake mix

I love having this mix on hand. Why?
  1. It makes a big batch (about 80 pancakes worth!) and stores in the freezer.pancake mix in freezer
  2. My son is not a big breakfast eater, but pancakes, he will devour.
  3. The mix is chock full of whole grains and oatmeal, so I don't feel too guilty adding chocolate chips! :) Blueberries would be delicious, too!
Just follow the instructions by clicking the recipe link above and fresh, good-for-you, homemade pancakes are just minutes away!

This definitely Works For Our Family! Visit We Are THAT Family to see what's working for everyone else.

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