Moo MiniCards and coupon!...Works For Me Wednesday

Have you seen these? They are called Moo minicards. They are the cutest things!
moo cards case
moo cards
They are like business or calling cards, but they're smaller and with YOUR pictures! Use them for your etsy shop, or for a business card, or to promote your blog, or as a gift tag (wouldn't these be fun with your child's picture on the front?).

moo cards size
{You can see the size of them compared to a regular sized business card.}

Here's one piece of advice...TRIPLE CHECK your spelling. I ended up with Very professional of me. :)
moo card oops

Oh, and how about a coupon? I got one in with my order for NEW customers to Never ordered're in luck, 15% off. Coupon code: 2RB2CK
moo coupon
Despite my misspelling, Mini Moo cards Work for Me!

What else works for me?
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