A cake truffle a day keeps the doctor away...

...or something like that.
cake truffles
When the in-laws were in town, I decided we needed some cake truffles to have around for snacking. :) I went with what I think of as "the original," red velvet.
cake truffle mix
cake truffle bite

I used some extra white candy melts from making monograms to make toppers to go on the cake truffles. They're made just the same as monograms...pipe the shape, then add on the sprinkles. For more details, click here.
cake truffle platter

I thought it would be fun to make all lowercase "e's" for our last name, but they ended up looking like blobs, so I made a mix of E's and dots and stars and hearts. (Hope you can see in the picture.) To some, I just added sprinkles.
cake truffle E

And then, there was the extra chocolate. It just seemed wrong to waste it. SO, I dipped graham crackers. Oh man, were they good! I'll be doing that again!
cake truffle grahams

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