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Are you ready?!?
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If you are participating in the first ever Flavor-of-the-Month (yay!), here are just a few tips for posting....

{I promise, if I can do it, you can do it....I'm so tech-savvy that my 10-year-old had to show my how to fast-forward through commercials on my iPod!}

1. Write and publish your Flavor-of-the-Month post on your blog.

2. Please link to Bake at 350 somewhere in your post. To get the beautiful logo, click here.

3. Now wait. :)

4. Before 12:01 am (probably a few hours before) on the last day of each month, you'll see MY post on Bake at 350. At the end of my post, you'll see a list. It will say something like "click here to add your post" or "you're next". Click there. (It will help to have your post in one window and my blog in another when you are linking.)

5. You'll have 2 lines to fill in. One will be your title. Your title will look like:
Your Blog Name (your awesome pie name)

6. The other line will be your POST URL, not your main blog address. Click on the title of your post. The URL is in your address bar. Copy and paste it into the appropriate box. For example, the URL for my soldier boy post from last week is:

7. Enter. That's it!

8. Now, on Bake at 350, you should see you link along with everyone else's. If you don't see it right away, refresh the page a time or two. (You know how the internet can be sometimes.) :)
Here's what a BIG list looks like.

9. If you have a problem, please leave a message in the comments or email me.

10. OH! One more thing, I'll post next week's theme in my post. Be on the lookout!

New here? Want to know what we're talking about? Here ya go. Please join us! :)


  1. Bridget I already posted my pie! So, excited!

  2. I'm excited to see what everyone does!

  3. Pie is posted as requested!
    CAN'T WAIT to start the party!

  4. Im excited. I am making mine tonight. ahhh, nothing like last minute!!

  5. I'm a total goober! I totally posted the eggplant lasagna tart a few days ago, not realizing we were supposed to wait until the end of the month. Do I still qualify?

  6. Michelle...of course! Just link it up tonight. :)

  7. My post is written and will officially post tomorrow. Although I will need to re-read the instructions probably 50 times until I can figure out what to do. I'm excited and nervous!

  8. Thanks Bridget, you're awesome!

  9. Can't wait for the linky!!! I already posted mine but will be checking back for when it's up :-)

  10. I have my post ready to go on my blog at 12:01 am. I'll be out of town tomorrow headed to a glass melting party in Rice Lake WI....can't wait to get there! I'll catch this tomorrow to try to get your link done before I leave, but I am going very early. I made my pies when my son was home, did chocolate, pecan and pumpkin. I redid the pecan before he left because it is his favorite, and I did a raspberry pie but I can't find that image. I have used it before because I have made that pie before, it was so good!!! '

    I am dying to see next month's flavor!!!

  11. Oh Bridget, I was wanting to put up my million dollar pie but we had another loss in the family- My hubby's Aunt and Uncle died in a fire last night! I will for sure do it next month- Sorry

  12. Michaela....oh my gosh...go take care of your family. That is terrible. Tell your hubby that we are sending thoughts his way.


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