Pearly Girly

Giving cookies a pearl finish is simple. Just brush on a little Super Pearl luster dust. (I got mine here.)

{It's a little hard to see in the pictures, but the cookie on the left has the pearl finish and the other doesn't.}

Using a child's paintbrush, simply brush the dry luster dust on the cookies once the royal icing has dried overnight. If you want a more opaque finish, follow the instructions here.

I timed myself (I do love a stopwatch, not sure why), and it took me a little less than 1 minute per cookie to add the dry luster dust, so plan accordingly.

As I was coating them, I kept thinking "pretty, pretty princess." Is this a saying? I have a boy...why am I repeating this phrase? Maybe I am crazy?!? Anyhoo...the pearl sheen does make them look very, well, pretty pretty princess.

My customer wanted pale pink and white cupcakes with a pearlized finish and pale green dots on the top. These were given out with a little girl's 1st birthday party invitations. How cute is that idea?!? An invitation with a cookie...yes, please!

Custom orders are always welcome through the shop and I'm still accepting Halloween orders.

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