Perfectly BLACK Icing. . . Works For Me Wednesday

There are so many "tricks" offered up on the internet for making black icing: add cocoa powder to the powdered sugar, add green food coloring first, use cherry juice to replace the water in royal icing, and on and on...

Why so many tricks? Because the black food coloring readily available, either in liquid or gel/paste form is difficult. You'll need a lot of it and it has a bitter taste.

Enter my SECRET WEAPON....AmeriColor Super Black soft gel paste food coloring.

This stuff works miracles and it works for me!!! You really don't need a lot to get a true black (that doesn't taste funny).

It is available through my Amazon Shop, by clicking here or "recommends" at the top of the blog.
{Yes, I do make a few pennies from each purchase and I promise that will go straight to my "sugar fund" to bring more goodies to the blog.} ;)


  • When tinting dark colors like black, the colors will darken over time. Try making and tinting your icing the night before.
  • Aim for a charcoal color...or the color of a pencil lead when making black. The final result will be black, but less likely to bleed into other colors.

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