Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tom Selleck, eat your heart out! (a giveaway)

No, Tom Selleck will not be given away (darn the luck)!

I could not resist this mustache cookie cutter (or is it moustache?) when I saw it on Bake It Pretty! How fun is this?!?

{Although, after making a second batch, I like the cookies better sans whiskers.}

{Well, hello, Martha!}

Want to try a mustache with the the pesky commitment?

My friend and neighbor, Kristen, of We Are THAT Family, is celebrating her 2 year blogiversary and you have the chance to win mustache cookies of your very own (and other cool stuff)! Go check it out!

{They are also available in the bake shop.}

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  1. I think we should wear these ALL the time! Thanks, girl!

  2. I THOUGHT those were cookies that must have been made by you!



  3. LOL I hardly recognized you!

    too cute!


  4. I almost bought that cutter on my last "Bake it Pretty" spree...but I didn't know what occasion I could make mustache cookies for. As if there needed to be one! Yours turned out great, and I like the whiskered ones too :)

  5. These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. those are hilarious!
    How fun to have snacks day on Halloween. We have that Saturday off of soccer and I am thinking about all the cute possibilities lost :( boo! plus this year at school no halloween party, just healthy snacks...for real.

  7. ohhhh my goshhhhh these are amazing

  8. these are amazing. so so funny.

  9. I love these pictures...too cute. The blog looks GREAT!


  10. Only YOU could pull off the Perfect mustache cookie!

    Happy Thursday!

  11. How cute is that???! Who needs Tom Selleck when you have such handsome mustache models?

  12. Too cute... those cookies are fantastic! I especially enjoyed the picture of Martha at the bottom :)

  13. When I saw this post it reminded me of the show "I Love the 70's" on VH1 where they would have a small segment that went "Time for Burt Reynolds mustache..." Then show a picture of him and say "That was Burt Reynolds mustache" and end it with his funny laugh. Sorry that was a bit random...:)

  14. Gracious, those are so cute :) As for Tom Selleck, I *so* wanted to marry him when I was a teenager and he was Magnum P.I. sigh ;)

  15. so cute! Who was the fabulous family??! Have I mentioned, by the way, that I love your layout? It's so clean and happy!

  16. HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE Martha with a moustache!!! I NEED this cookie cutter right now! You all look adorable too. So much fun.

  17. i am in love with the stache.

    see here:

    i am purchasing this cookie cutter today.

  18. YES!!!! too cute and hilarious!!! i love how martha's wearin' one...


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