Christmas Cookies and a marriage proposal (yay!)

These cookies were involved in a marriage proposal. I'm going to apologize right away because the details are a little sketchy. You see, they come from my husband and he doesn't have the gift of memorizing the minute details of love stories like I do. ♥

You still want to hear about it, though, right?

Here's the deal...I sent hubby (Mr. E) with cookies to give to his friends. He "home" offices, so his "home" is often Starbucks where he's befriended other home-officers. Mr. E gave some cookies to his friend John and a little while later, John's girlfriend Kathy arrived.

John and Kathy (along with the cookies) went to another table. A few minutes later, John announced to the store, "SHE SAID YES!"

{How cute are they?!?!?}

Anyway...somehow John worked the cookies into the proposal. According to Mr. E, John said, something along the lines of, "Would you like to have ornaments like these on a tree of our own?" (See that cookie in his hand?!?)

I strongly suspect the details are a little different from my 3rd hand account, so John, to elaborate?!?

In the meantime, help me wish John & Kathy CONGRATULATIONS, BEST WISHES and HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

A marriage cannot go wrong when it begins with baked goods....I should know my engagement ring was in a loaf of bread. ♥

For details on how to make these cookies, click here!

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