Princess Cookie Flavoring . . . Works For Me Wednesday

Have you ever eaten a sugar cookie from Potbelly Sandwich Works? They are not decorated sugar cookies, but the soft kind that will bend in the middle, sprinkled with sparkling sugar....buttery, a little citrus-y...really delicious. My sister and I have become a little obsessed with them.

I've been trying to figure out just what their secret is. When I saw this Princess Bakery Emulsion, I thought I might be on to something.

Now, I don't think it's the secret to Potbelly's cookies, and I still like the vanilla-almond flavor of my regular cookies, but it is nice. It adds a certain creamy orange/nutty taste.

Remember these? I used the Princess flavoring in them. My brother-in-law asked if I had done something different with the cookies and said that he really liked them. It gave me great pleasure to tell my Iraq war vet, personal trainer brother-in-law that what he liked was PRINCESS bakery emulsion. :)

So, if you're looking for a new flavor to shake up your sugar cookies, this just might work for you.

And, Potbelly...if you're out there...can you tell us your secret, please?!?
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