Cookies for Cheryl

A few weeks ago, we had a little cookie giveaway here...and guess who won?!? Cheryl, my friend over at TidyMom!!!

Disclaimer: Cheryl & I have never actually met, but I do consider her a REAL friend.  I'm working on getting her to pack her bags and head to Texas.  She has that whole family thing going on in Missouri, but come on, Cheryl...they can come, too!

Before I made the cookies, a little birdie told me that it was almost Cheryl's birthday.

So, I tweeted Cheryl and very slyly asked her favorite colors.
{You had no idea what I was up to, right Cheryl? *wink, wink*}

I loved her answer....turquoise and red!  Oh, how I loved working with these colors!

And, I tried something new! I've been seeing off-center graphic flowers everywhere lately...stationery, fabric, dishes...even one of my shirts.  I wanted to try it on a cookie.  I present to you....the modern daisy.
{Because I'm all about modern these days!} ;)

{I got a little distracted by my photo editing software "effects" here...}

Scoot on over to TidyMom (a blog I read EVERY day) and wish Cheryl a "Happy Birthday!!!" 

Here is Cheryl's picture from when she got them today:
I am no longer happy with my point & shoot camera.

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!!!  

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