Modern baby monograms

Last week, I received an email from a new mom wanting to give cookies to the doctors and nurses who helped bring her son into the world. ♥

She wanted cookies to coordinate with her sweet baby's birth announcement:

{The original isn't blurry like this.} :)

Cute right? Well, since I don't have one of those handy-dandy KopyKake projectors, nothing makes me more nervous that trying to match a cookie to an image.

{OK...going up a really steep and tall escalator makes me more nervous, but you get the point.}

Here's what we came up with....and new mommy was happy! Yay!

I love these colors and the simple designs...very hip and modern looking, I think.
{But what do I know?}

Making monograms is really pretty easy....
  1. Find a font on your computer,
  2. Type several letters into a Word document,
  3. Size the font to fit your cookie cutter (I view the document at 100% and hold my cookie cutter to the screen...this keeps from printing out lots of test pages),
  4. Print,
  5. Place the printed sheet under a sheet of wax paper on the back of a cookie sheet (I put this on a stack of books, so I don't have to stoop when piping),

  6. With royal icing, pipe the monograms,

  7. Let dry several hours,
  8. Peel off the wax paper,
  9. Place onto wet flood icing.

Monograms made with a larger tip are less likely to break. (I used a #3 round tip for these.) If you want a skinny monogram, try using candy melts. They seem to be less fragile.

These monograms can be made ahead and stored at room temperature.

For more monogramming posts, click here.

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