This Does NOT . . . Work for me Wednesday

Baggies are not an acceptable substitute for piping bags.
There I said it.

There are books and TV hosts out there who will tell you, just snip off the end of a baggie when piping works "just like a pasty bag." Well, they lie.

When I made Cheryl's' cookies, I ran out of piping bags. {The HORROR!} We were down to one car for the week, my husband (WITH THE CAR) was out to dinner with customers and it was 8:00 at night. I was desperate. I reached for the baggies. I even used my couplers and tips with them.

They tore, they bulged, they flopped, they were unruly....I may have said a bad word.

Trust me...if you're going to decorate cookies, make it easier on yourself, go for a piping bag.

Whew! Rant go visit some happier tips over at We Are THAT Family. But tell me, are there baking tips that *don't* work for you?

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