Here comes Peter CottonTail . . .

....hoppin' down the bunny trail,

hippity, hoppity,
Easter's on its way!

I take no credit for this design; it comes straight out of last year's Williams-Sonoma catalog. (Well, their bunnies were cuter.)

They gave me an excuse to break out the sanding sugar...and I like a cookie with sanding sugar. And, really, something about SPRING just screams sanding sugar to me. You, too?

Here's how I add sanding sugar once a cookie is complete:
  • Let the cookies dry overnight.

  • Mix together equal amounts of meringue powder and water, just stir it together with a spoon. (I used 1/2 tsp. each here.)

  • Using a small (food-only) paintbrush, brush the mixture along the edge and tail of the bunnies.

That's it!

I want to see what YOU are making for Easter! Cookies, cupcakes, crafts? Link them up below!

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  1. Adorable! I love em'!
    Happy Easter!

  2. A "food-only paintbrush"? Where's your sense of adventure?

    Do you ever do classes? I'm in Austin and would gladly make the trip to learn at the feet of a master!

  3. Your cookies are always Perfection but these bunnies are darling and BETTER than W-S could ever do!

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  5. These are so adorable. I love sanding sugar! Wish I knew how to use it better, hehe.

  6. When I was making my cookies I wished I had bought sanding sugar! time I have to remember!! Thanks for the "how-to's" your bunnies are adorable!! - I'll link my cookies later tonight when I post them, - for now I'll link up my Easter brunch ideas!!

  7. I swear Bridget, I learn something new from you in every single one of your posts! I really appreciate how much you have to show and tell. I still have so much to learn. I thank you! Happy Easter! Happy Spring!!!

  8. They are sooo adorable! Why do we have to wait for Easter to make this cute bunnies?

  9. So cute! Thanks for the tip... I was piping the outline AGAIN...

  10. Woowee these are adorable too :) I still think a bite mark looks best with bunny cookies :)

  11. Well if those are not the cutest...little...sweetest...little...Springy....little...
    I have ever seen!
    ANd yes...
    the sanding sugar puts the SPARKLE in those little bun-bunnies!
    I love their fluffy-puffy tails...
    and their sweet little expressions!
    I must order me some SANDING SUGAR!
    I only have big ole crunchy SPRINKLES...
    nothing dainty and elegant about my
    SPRINKLES...they are HUGE!
    I'm so delighted you showed me how to PROFESSIONALLY add the sanding sugar!
    You're such a PRO Miss Bridget!
    ANd hello there McLinky!
    I'll be LINKING up with you tonight!
    Cause you just KNOW I'll be showing off my first batch of ICED SUGAR COOKIES...
    with the HUGE crunchy SPRINKLES! ;o)
    Just lovely Bridget!
    Lovely like you Sweet Pea!
    Have I expressed enough SWEETNESS to have those BUN-BUNNIES sent my way!
    Email me if you need my ADDRESS here on Bainbridge!
    Sending you HAPPY HAPPY wishes for EASTER Bridget!
    Thanks for being such an INSPIRATION! ;o)
    I adore YOU!

  12. Can I come live at your house? I could just exist on your beautiful cookies!

    I wish I had something yummy to share for your party. I made some spring topiaries but they aren't too tasty.

    Happy Easter!


  13. Freakin' adorable! But that doesn't surprise me coming from you. Thanks for the tip of 'sanding sugar' I was going to attempt sanding this weekend but with a much different approach,...I'm glad I found this bit of help to avoid my potential disaster! :) Thanks for hosting the linky as well,....I linked up two posts! :)

  14. so cute! I posted a link on thanks for sharing! (I heart sanding sugar)

  15. So adorable! I love their little tails!
    Happy, happy Easter!

  16. LOVE these!!! Great job! I'll have to try that with the sanding sugar - usually I put it on wet piping or corn syrup (on an un-iced cookie).

  17. Williams-Sonoma has nothing on you Bridget! These bunnies are so cute and I love how you changed up their nose colours on each one. Another informative tutorial on the sanding sugar. Thank you. BTW, you did not miss the link for the tulip cookies, I haven't posted it yet. My KA stand-mixer arrived today:) So excited to try it out!

  18. So sweet! Love the touch of sanding sugar!

  19. Bridget, you're so talented that it makes me sick! I'm kinda glad that I don't live to close to you. I think I would be buying wayyyy too many of your cookies and getting wayyyyyy too fat!

    I'm not trying a very "Eastery" thing, but I am making...gosh...don't even know what you call 'em - they have graham cracker on the bottom, you melt butter and brown sugar and spread over top, then you put melted chocolate and then pecans! Mmmmmmmm.

  20. Those bunnies are the cutest ever. I need to go back and read some of your past posts and see how to do the really smooth icing like you have on your cookies. My daughter and I want to make sugar cookies, but I have never been able to get my icing to look like that. There has got to be a trick. Happy Easter. Love & blessings from NC!

  21. I think cute cookies TASTE way better than ugly cookies.

    I should know. I've had yours and mine :)

  22. Those are just precious! Thanks for the link..sorry I think I messed it up, though.

  23. I always love ur absolutely delicious cookies ...they are super rocking always ....
    and these top too, oh to find sanding sugar out here is a dream come true:-)))

  24. These are so cute!!


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