Making Extra Icing . . . Works For Me Wednesday

There is almost nothing worse when making cookies than running out of icing. You have to stop what you're doing, get out all the ingredients (that you just put away an hour ago!), make up another batch, then hope you tint it just the right shade to match what you had to begin with.

Well, here's what I do...I make more icing than I need. (I've run out one too many times.)

If I'm making more than a dozen cookies, I usually double this recipe.

AND...if I'm using several different colors, I try to set aside a little white. Why?
  • You never know what color you may run out of...
  • Or, you could forget to make a color....oh, no!
  • If you thin out your flood icing too much, add a little of your extra white. It won't change the color much and you've just saved yourself from a big headache.

Having a little extra white icing is like having an insurance policy. You hope you never need it, but you're glad it's there when you do.

I hope that helps! Can't wait to see all the other tips at Works For Me Wednesday!

PS...the sweet-smelling giveaway from Great Cakes Soapworks runs though Wednesday night. Be sure to enter! :)
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