How does your garden grow?

Mine grows COOKIES!!!

My sister ordered veggie cookies for her father-in-law's birthday. He's a gardener....and if he lived closer, I'd gladly trade him cookies for some home-grown tomatoes!

I made some seed packets to go with the veggies and added his name and birth year. :)

They are pretty simple to make, and might be some of my favorite cookies ever.

Just outline with royal icing...

Fill with thinned icing...

And add detail...

The name and year were added after the cookies dried over night with an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer food coloring pen. I wasn't sure I could get it all on the cookie in piped icing.

If you're going to use food coloring pens, be sure to let your icing dry overnight. It will look dry after a few hours, trust me, it is wet underneath. The pen will poke right through the icing. You don't want that.

I also strongly recommend the AmeriColor Gourmet Writers over the other brands found at the grocery and craft stores. I've tried both and AmeriColor wins, hands down!

THIS is how I want to eat my veggies!

{With the exception of those homegrown tomatoes. Who wants to trade?}

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