Hootie Hoot ! Meet Uncle Mike !

Is this not the CUTEST school photo you've ever seen?!?

This is my Uncle Mike. And when I saw that picture, I thought, THAT needs to be a cookie!!!
Align Center{Isn't that what you think about great pictures? Just me?}

Let me tell you a little about my Uncle Mike....

  • He was just 16 when I was born,

  • When I was about 4 or so, he took me on a ROAD TRIP! I think it was from Texas to my grandparents' house in Oklahoma. Apparently, during the trip, he waited patiently outside the ladies' room door for me...and waited...and waited. I didn't come out. It seems my mother had trained me very well to line the toilet seat with toilet paper, BUT it kept falling off! I'm not sure how this was all resolved, but I did eventually make it out of that bathroom.
  • One of my Uncle's favorite expressions is "Hootie Hoot!" I've never heard another person actually utter these words. :)
  • He and kiddo have a private joke that involves the "hi-ho" song from Snow White. (I'll spare you the details.)
  • And I can't forget....he LOVES the RED SOX!!!

I've always loved my Uncle Mike. Not only because he forgave me when I was 6 and I sat on his glasses and broke them....when he was visiting us....out-of-town.
{I PRAY I was wearing a wig in this photo because otherwise, I'll be forced to call child protective services. 36 years later.}
After my mom died, he called. I mean, he called to check in on us every so often. To ask how we were doing, to ask about Kiddo, to have a laugh. My dad & sister & I had each other, but to hear my mom's brother's voice on the phone....it was a great comfort. It was another connection to her and I will never forget that.

I think some sort of border looks pretty on photo cookies....piping, a scalloped edge, sprinkles. This one was piped with a #16 star tip.

YES....these are EDIBLE photos! Do not try this with your home printer. :) (You know, I had to say that, just in case.) My icing printer arrived a few weeks ago and I'm just getting to know it. The “paper” is a thin frosting sheet and the “ink” comes from food coloring jets.

I'll give a full tutorial on applying images printed on frosting sheets in a future post, I promise! Until then, the quick version....format your picture, print on frosting sheets, cut and apply.

So, help me wish my Uncle Mike a Happy Birthday! Let's give him a Bake at 350 “Hootie Hoot!” ;)

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