Teacher Gift Ideas . . . Works For Me Wednesday

Around here, school is still in session for one more week. What has always worked for us? Well, cookies for teachers, of course.

Besides your child's homeroom teacher, let's not forget....
  • coach
  • music
  • Sunday school
  • scout leaders
  • private lessons
  • tutors
  • the list goes on and on...
And every teacher doesn't have to get a dozen...or even 6! I think a decorated cookie tied with a pretty ribbon and thank you note is perfectly sweet.

Here are some ideas (click the links for more details):

Number 2 pencil cookies

Kid-decorated cookies. {Kiddo made these for his 1st grade teacher....they are still some of my favorites.}

For a very POPular Teacher cookies....you may remember these from earlier this month. The link to that adorable bag topper is in the post.

Thanks for BEEing a great teacher!

What teacher wouldn't love a bouquet of roses?

Cocktails, anyone? Wait...maybe that's not so appropriate. Teachers can give these to EACH OTHER!

We Are THAT Family (who just happens to be my next-door neighbor) hosts Works For Me Wednesday. Click on over for more tips....and see We Are THAT Family's beautiful new blog makeover!


  1. YUMMO and adorable! Reminds me that I need to email my neighbor about a cookie order ;)

  2. I LOVE that these links are all in one place... you were reading my mind! I can get lost in your blog, looking up old posts. By the time an hour has gone by, I have forgotten what I came for! :)

    Oh, and I am going to need you to find all the posts that have the word vanilla in them and email that info to me asap.



  3. These are awesome! Kinda makes me wish I was a teacher :)

  4. Love them, especially the bees and those last ones!

  5. So many cute ideas!! Love the bee's!!

  6. What a fun and creative solution!

  7. Super cute gift idea for teachers! Love the No. 2 pencils!

  8. These are great! Those are some very lucky teachers! I love the kid decorated ones especially and the cocktails!

  9. These are so great! I will have to remember these when Little Butt starts going to school! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Such great ideas~ We have another couple weeks of school so maybe ~just maybe I will try my hand at making cookies hmmmmmm

  11. Such cool ideas!!!

    I still have to make somthing...

    Thanks for the amazing eye candy too :)


  12. These are so darn cute! I love the flowers and bees!

  13. What a great idea! I want (one of these days) order some cookies from you for my co-workers... I love the cocktail cookie idea! I think my English Department would LOVE those.

  14. These are so beautiful, and quite a thoughtful gift!

  15. So cute! I am sure any teacher would be thrilled to receive this! Kidlet was watching over my shoulder asking when we were going to make these for his teacher :O

  16. I found you via Annie Eats and I just wanted to say FANTAB! LOVE it!! I am going to add you to my Daily Reads section as I do not want to miss any of those great cookies! Are you in NC? I saw you have a Bake it Pretty (also love) Hope you will stop bt My Nest sometime!

  17. Great ideas! Everything looks lovely!

  18. OH how I wish I had been KIDDO's teacher!
    I would have LOVED having some of BRIDGET's cookies given to me as a teacher gift!
    And you would have loved and adored me so much you would have given me at least several dozen...like on allllllll the holidays....even President's Day!
    And I would have loved and adored YOU and your handsome KIDDO!
    Oh...and I'm just certain you would have been right there with me the day the class spent making GINGERBREAD houses!
    You can't imagine how much royal icing I whipped up in that classroom!
    The whole room was one big puff of powdered sugar! The kids were amazed!
    And at the end of the year...you better believe I'd be wanting those COCKTAIL cookies!
    NO PENCILS for this chick!
    Bring on the COCKTAILS!
    Wouldn't we have had fun if I had been Kiddos teacher!
    Oh how lucky his teachers are!
    I bet they SMILE so BIG when he delivers his cookies!
    ANd I just bet HE is BEAMING with pride!

  19. Great ideas for sure. Not sure my child's teacher deserves anything quite so special this year (she was horrible) but maybe next year!!

  20. I LOVE your cookies. They are so beautiful!!! I wish you were MY next door neighbor!!! =o)


  21. There are a bunch of great ideas that make good gifts..I really enjoyed a lot while reading this article really nice ideas been discussed here i am looking for this and got much more information from here whatever i would need thanks

  22. Best gifts are the letters and pictures from the kids! The cookies idea is genius though!


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