Teacher Gift Ideas . . . Works For Me Wednesday

Around here, school is still in session for one more week. What has always worked for us? Well, cookies for teachers, of course.

Besides your child's homeroom teacher, let's not forget....
  • coach
  • music
  • Sunday school
  • scout leaders
  • private lessons
  • tutors
  • the list goes on and on...
And every teacher doesn't have to get a dozen...or even 6! I think a decorated cookie tied with a pretty ribbon and thank you note is perfectly sweet.

Here are some ideas (click the links for more details):

Number 2 pencil cookies

Kid-decorated cookies. {Kiddo made these for his 1st grade teacher....they are still some of my favorites.}

For a very POPular Teacher cookies....you may remember these from earlier this month. The link to that adorable bag topper is in the post.

Thanks for BEEing a great teacher!

What teacher wouldn't love a bouquet of roses?

Cocktails, anyone? Wait...maybe that's not so appropriate. Teachers can give these to EACH OTHER!

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