Strawberry Picking

It all started with these darling Berry Baskets from Bake It Pretty.
Of course, I went there to buy food coloring and ended up with berry baskets and candy necklaces in my cart (I'm not sure how that happened).
The strawberry cookies are really simple. Just a basic outline and fill in AmeriColor Leaf Green and Super Red.
The white dots are dropped on while the red flood icing is still wet.
Here's a post on getting dotty. :)
I added in a few strawberry flowers, just piped on a small scalloped circle cookie. {Is is just me or are bite-size cookies the hardest to resist eating?} I told Mr E. (hubby) that I was sending him to his meetings with cookies. When he saw the cute little berry baskets lined up on the table, I could see the look of panic spread across his face. Not to worry, though, the berry baskets were for MY cookie deliveries....I sent him off with cookies in a much more masculine pink bakery box.
Amanda from Bake It Pretty mentioned to me that these baskets are not "grease resistant," so I lined each one with wax paper before filling with a little paper shred and cookies.

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