Posie Cakes . . . cookies for a sip and see

I had a request for my "signature cookie" this month.  The funny thing is, I didn't know I HAD a signature cookie, but I knew exactly which cookies she was referring to.  The pink cookies in my header, on my blog button, my twitter avatar....I must really like that cookie! ;)

And because those original cookies were for my girlfriend Terri, it makes me happy to call them my "signature."

This version of the cookie was for a sip and see for a baby girl.
I love sip and sees!  Sip and Sees are like baby showers given AFTER the baby is born. There's ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the baby, presents in pink or blue, lots of food....and oh, yeah...maybe the new mommy can have a mimosa! ;)

To make the cookies, you'll need:
First, outline the cookies with royal icing using a #3 tip.  Let the outline dry 20 minutes or more.

Reserve some of the pink royal icing used for outlining and thin the rest with water for flooding.  Adding just a bit of water at a time, stir the water into the icing until it is the consistency of thick syrup or glue. Cover with a damp towel and let sit several minutes.

Stir the icing gently with a rubber spatula to pop and air bubbles that have risen to the surface.  Transfer to squeeze bottles.

Working 6-8 cookies at a time, fill in the outline in the contrasting pink thinned icing.  Use a toothpick to spread into edges and corners.

Come back over the 6-8 cookies just flooded and drop on dots of the contrasting color.

Let the cookies sit for more than an hour since the detail flowers are large.  You don't wanted dented icing! :)

If you have made your royal icing the day you are decorating, add just a few drops of water to the outline consistency icing.  This will help prevent stiff peaks on your flowers.  If the icing was made the day before, it loses some of it's stiffness in the fridge. 

With a #7 tip, add large dots for the flowers.

With #1 tips, add swirly detail to the center of the flowers.

With the green icing and a #1 tip, add leaves.

Let dry overnight.


So, if these pink posie cookies are my "signature" cookies....what's YOUR signature dish? 

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