Cookies for I Heart Faces

I'll admit that when Amy from I Heart Faces asked me to make some cookies for a photography workshop, I was a little, ok...a lot, intimidated.  The cookies were part of a stylized birthday party with some absolutely adorable little girls.

Amy found the inspiration for the flower cookie from this AMAZING blog from (I think) Japan, called Rosey. All of her cookies are incredible!  With that as a starting point, Amy came up with some designs for heart cookies to coordinate with them. 

Want to make the flower cookies?
You'll need royal icing in just two colors....Super Red and Super Black.

{While you have all of that red icing made, go ahead and make some little heart cookies. :)}

To make the black hearts, you need only 2 things: black royal icing and silver dragees.  Well, and the secret weapon for placing dragees....tweezers. CLEAN tweezers! Place the dragees on the cookies while the icing is still wet.

I don't know about you, but I remember EATING dragees when I was a kid.  I remember them on cupcakes and Christmas cookies.  Now, even though they are made of sugar and sold in the bakery section, they are marked "for decorative use only."  {I think a few now and then won't hurt us.}

More photos from the workshop: Angie Arthur
Cookie inspiration: Rosey
Thanks so much, Amy, for asking me to be a part of the workshop!  Next time, I want to tag along and bring my camera! :)

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