Cookies for P-Dub

It couldn't be helped.  Ree needed a Wrangler cookie.

I wanted to bring Ree a few cookies, so I went through her Flickr stream and picked out some images to print on frosting sheets.  There were only a few thousand that I wanted to print.
Yes, the color is off.  Despite printing out a test page...on regular paper, my frosting sheet images were didn't look quite right. My guess is, in the 30 seconds between the test page and the frosting sheet, the yellow ink tank got clogged.  And wouldn't you know that the day I was making cookies to bring to the PIONEER WOMAN(!), I had no extra frosting sheets.
Curious about images printed on frosting sheets? KopyKake has a listing of all of the printers compatible with food coloring ink cartridges.  Be sure to use a NEW printer :).  I have an Epson WorkForce 30.

Once you have the printer, ink and frosting sheets, applying them is easy.  Here is the set up....

Format, print and cut.  Remove the images from the paper backing and place directly onto wet royal icing.  As it dries, the image printed on the frosting sheet will "melt" into the icing.
For a border, I love using a #16 star tip.  For these, I used Gold AmeriColor Food Coloring and when dry, brushed on a little gold luster dust.  I was hoping the border would look like a little frame.

Did you know that Ree has a new book coming out?  It's called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels...and I'm thinking we need a book club....with wine, cheese and cookies!  Who's in?

Along with those, I brought along a few cookies for the cookie class for examples.

There was sanding sugar....

And marbling....

And even a little disco dust....

But, these....these were the ones I couldn't stop giggling over.
So much so, that as I headed into the airport on the way to Oklahoma, Mr. E shouted out, "No taking pictures of WRANGLERS!"
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