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If you have a blog, have you ever met another blogger in real life?   I'm lucky enough to live next-door to a real-life blogger (and host of Works for Me Wednesday...Hi, Kristen!).  And sweet Mr. E sent me to visit Cheryl (TidyMom) this summer. And, then there was Ree. :)

If you ever get a chance to meet a blogger you love, DO IT!  Believe me, it's nice to talk to someone about blogging and not have the person look at you, tilt their head to the side and say, "huh?" 

Last week, I attended my first ever blog conference. 
{And I'm still recovering.}

Thanks to my friends at Blog2Print (you know, the company that will print your blog for you as a book), I was in Nashville at Blissdom.

The opening and closing keynotes were amazing (thank you Brene Brown & Scott Stratten...I cannot express how much I loved them BOTH).

The parties were fun...and the music incredible (yes, Michelle Branch, Mat Kearney, Chris Mann & Crystal Bowersox).  {And here's a sign you're have to google all of those people, other than Crystal who you voted for on American Idol.}
{Here's Cheryl with Chris Mann.  Aren't they both adorable?!?}

But the best part?  The highlight of the conference?  Meeting all of the lovely ladies that I've admired from afar.  The craft bloggers, the photography bloggers, the home bloggers, the mommy bloggers....

....and yes, some FABULOUS foodie bloggers.  Here are my homegirls:
Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Amy of She Wears Many Hats
Shaina of Food for My Family
Kristen of Dine and Dish (one of the very 1st food blogs I ever read!)
Aimee of Simple Bites
and, my roomie, Cheryl of TidyMom

works for me wednesday at we are that family
Meeting other bloggers?  Works for me!!!  Thank you so much, Blog2Print!!!

{Have you ever met another blogger or attended a blog conference?}



  1. Love that you went and had a fabulous time. New goal: attend blogging conference with FRIEND & NEIGHBOR while eating cookies :)

  2. I had a blast hanging out with you - so glad to have finally had the chance to meet you in person!

  3. I TOTALLY had to google Chris Mann!
    I was like...
    who the heck is Chris Mann?
    And I still don't really know who he is.
    But he sure is DREAMY!
    And looks like he had a BLAST with all you adorable GIRLS!
    I'm so HAPPY you and Cheryl had such a good time!
    I was just GIDDY~as if I was going myself~thinking about the two of you being roomies at Blissdom!
    I KNOW everyone was so EXCITED to meet the sweet~thing behind your fabulous cookies!
    I honestly could tear up just thinking about it!
    But I'm not sad!
    Because I KNOW and BELIEVE with all my HEART that we too shall meet....and LOVE and HUG and LAUGH and BAKE and HIKE and DO YOGA and talk about hubbys and BAKE and EAT and SHOP and stay up all night in our PJs!
    I know you were a BRIGHT LIGHT amongst all that BLISS!
    Delighted you got to go!
    Hugs my sweet blogging FRIEND!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic time. Wish I would have went,{so that I could have met your and Cheryl) as well as the others, but I already had tickets to a couple conferences this year. I sure I find out who is going to some of them, I know it would make it more fun. I attended a few food blogging conferences last year and met many bloggers I knew through their blogs or twitter. It's so great to hear you had such a fun time :) I hope we meet up at a conference in the future!

  5. Nice looking guy but had no clue who he was either! {annnnd the grey is taking over lol!}

    Bridget, it looks like you all had a fantabulous time! What an amazing experience lucky ladies!

    I KNOW what you mean when you mentioned the 'Huh? and head tilt'. lol. You end up not being able to talk about blogging with any people 'face to face. Realllly hoping Canada hosts something like this in the future and/or would love to meet you in the States some day.


  6. I want to try this one day but I wanna go where u go. It's kinda scary for me to meet new people. Maybe next year I'll go and we can take the same plane...

  7. You just made my night. Scratch that, my WEEK! Meeting you was so surreal at first, but then felt instantly natural. Actually, the way the seven of us clicked was just crazy cool.

    It went way too fast. But I haven;t laughed that hard in ages!

    Thank you for the kind shout-out.

  8. a lot of my friends are bloggers, but we all met while planning our weddings via the knot. that counts, right?

    I'd love to meet you and sugarbelle one day. you two are my cookie heroines.

  9. You are one lucky girl, Bridget! :) No, I haven't met any of my blogging friends, but I'd dying to! Sigh... I may go to one blog conference this year...It's just that I have three grandchildren being born this year:), and I will be helping the new mommies, so don't know if I can afford(time, money) to do that too. Someday:)

  10. How cool is that! How I wish I could meet some of the bloggers I follow!
    What a great time you had!

  11. I think it would be wonderful to meet some fellow bloggers because right now I have a lot of people looking at me with the crooked head, lol!

  12. You all are so stinking adorable!!! I love the pics and the genuine joy you experienced... watch out blissdom 2012! :)

  13. I've got some great blogging buddies too! But never been to a blogging conference BUT I am going to BlogHer Food in May and I can't wait!!!!

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  14. Oh girly just made my day.

    Love the post, and miss you. The time we all had together is a bond that will never be broken . Lifelong friends. I am truly convinced of that.

    Love you!! xoxo


  15. I've been actively blogging for almost two years and until recently had not met any fellow food bloggers. An injury almost a year ago has been slow to heal and I've not wanted to hassle with traveling to a conference.

    But I recently started a food blogger Meetup for Denver and the Colorado Front Range and we have had bloggers from Castle Rock to Fort Collins join and participate in our monthly events. The first time we met at my home we found things to chat about for 5 hours and the 2nd time was about the same. I met one woman who couldn't make it for coffee. A three hour coffee.

    It is nice to have that community and if I'm honest, the single reason I would attend an event; meeting others. Both my children and my friends 'suffer' through my tales; blogging friends live them with me!

    Sounds like you had a great time!

  16. How fun, I would love to attend a conference like that. I havent met any blogger friends yet but I hope to change that at some point. So all your bloggers in Houston, let me know. Lets meet up sometime!

  17. I love you right back, Bridget! I hope we can get together soon. Definitely need a retreat. :)

  18. you took EVERY WORD OUT OF MY MOUTH......cuz you know me like that! {wink}.

    Seriously one of THE BEST times of my life. Meeting you all, spending time together in person, laughing, drinking, singing, eating, sleeping......fills my heart beyond what could have ever imagined!!

    Next stop........TEXAS baby!!
    and NO big man bunny slippers! haha

  19. Yes..I know how you felt...I met some bloggers and now they are very good friends for me! Tomorrow I have a flighjt to go to Genoa my blogger friend PAt is organizing classes with LAurel Evans (her book is a best seller here in Italy) in her I'm really happy, because I'm going to meet other bloggers...hugs, Flavia

  20. such a sweet post!

    loved seeing you & tidy mom together!

    i totally agree about meeting everyone & talking with all IRL. that was my fave as well.

    p.s. i'm going to use your group pic of the flashmob...if that's ok. (of course, giving you credit) i look half way okay in your pic. in the one, someone took for me...i look like a crazy person.

    so fun meeting you.


  21. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish to attend one, one of these days! I met one of my bloggy freidns in real life and she was a doll!! And her family was so great and her baby was just beautiful!
    My blog is and her blog is!! :)

  22. I'm so jealous! What fun :)
    Also, I am attempting steelers logo cookies this week for the super bowl. It will be my first attempt at what I deem "bake at 350 worthy" cookies :)

  23. Love you, girl... seriously feel like I have known you forever. Love our new group of real life "sisters" :)

  24. Looks like so much fun! Glad to hear that all of you had a blast... And, it was fun seeing everyone's photos since I wasn't there. :)

  25. I met you at a starbucks to pick up my beer mug cookies. I rushed off b/c I was so nervous!

  26. Woohoo blogging buddies~ I also love to find out my bloggy friends follow your bloggy friend/neighbor ~ small world :) XXOO

  27. You're so lucky to have a NEIGHBOR who blogs! How cool is that??

    I've been to a handful of conferences and have met some wonderful ladies who have become very good friends. Hope to see you at BlogHerFood in Atlanta!

  28. All the pics that different bloggers have put on Twitter look like a great time! :)

  29. I am so giddy!!! I accidentally stumpled upon your blog and am in love!! You are such an artist and all I want to do is bake!! Congratulations on such a beautiful blog that is also spilling over with fantastic recipes and resources!

  30. This is such a lovely blog you have here!


  31. I'm so jealous! That line-up sounds amazing...

    I love Mat Kearney. his music is amazing.

    I'm so glad you had a great time!

  32. how incredibly fun! wish I could have been there!

  33. This looks like it was such a blast! I've only met 2 other bloggers so far so I certainly know that "head tilt, huh?" look.
    I enjoyed seeing all the fun pictures!

  34. I haven't met any of my blog friends...yet. I do hope to attend my first blog conference this year...we'll see if one ever makes it close enough to Michigan :) I have noticed that the blogging community is pretty close knit - which is great for connecting with like-minded bakers & treat eaters!

  35. Are you and Kristin neighbors for realz??? OMG if you are you must have so much fun together. Looks like this was a great time. Am I gonna meet you at BlogHer Food this May?? I hope so. xo


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