I'm Irish . . . eat your heart out.

St. Patrick's Day has always been a *BIG DEAL* in our family.  Growing up, my sister & I would come downstairs for breakfast and there was always a little green "happy" sitting at our places.  {One year, I got a green bikini. ;)}

{And, I wore this pin on St. Patrick's Day EVERY YEAR from high school through college....and maybe a few years beyond that.  Yes, I am a total dork.}

I wanted to make something a little girlie for St. Patrick's Day.  So, I went with dresses.  Every Irish girl wants to look their best on St. Paddy's Day, right?

{"Kiss Me, I'm Irish!"  Yes, I also had that pin, but went for subtlety. ;)}

The dresses were made using images printed on frosting sheets.
  •  I bought digital scrapbook paper and printed an entire sheet. 
  • Using my cookie cutter as a guide, I traced the shape onto the paper using a thin food coloring pen.
  • Then, I cut the shapes out, and...
  • ...because I didn't want icing to show around the edges of the dresses, I applied  a thin coating of royal icing, that had been loosened with just a few drops of water, to the back.
  • I attached these to the cookies.
{Now, I took some pictures of this whole process WITHOUT THE SD CARD in my camera.  Please pretend you see those pictures now. Thank you.}

Note: Next time, I would make a regular sugar cookie, not chocolate. With the thin coating of icing on the back, the chocolate does show through in places.

{But, here is a great chocolate cookie recipe to try!}
So, how about you?  Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What do you do?
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