A Vacation from Vacation . . . and a little something for you. :)

The boys and I went on a little getaway to San Antonio and a few surrounding small towns for Spring Break.

{Side note: Gruene, TX...officially my new favorite city.}

Isn't coming home from vacation always the best part?  Or am I weird?

Here's how you know you need a vacation from your vacation.....
  • a bird poops on your head in the first 15 minutes of strolling the RiverWalk,
  • your child & pollen do not mix and you spent 3 days subjecting fellow tourists to a hacking cough and lots of snuffling,
  • the hotel parking garage is full; driving around looking for another, your car overheats and smoke pours from under the hood (classy),
  • AND,  your husband forgets to pack PANTS.  
All in all, though, aren't those the vacations you remember?  "Hey, remember that time we went on vacation and Dad forgot to pack any pants?"   Yes, yes I do.

One place with NO mishaps was the Williams-Sonoma OUTLET, yes outlet, in San Marcos.  I am serious when I say my heart was going pitter-patter and I thought I might faint.  Oh, y'all...it's FUN! 

And, I brought home a little something for you, too!
  1. my beloved WS meringue powder,
  2. a jar of yellow sanding sugar, 
  3. and a darling little bunny spatula.
{Now here comes the infomercial part...} But WAIT, there's more!  I'm also including a $75 Williams-Sonoma gift card with your goodies.  

To enter:  tell me one of YOUR vacation stories (good or bad).

I'll draw a winner on April 1st (no foolin') at 8pm CST.  Giveaway CLOSED! Congrats, Samantha! 

{PS...this is not a sponsored post.  Just a little somethin' from me to you. :) Happy spring!}
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