Bread : it's what's for dinner . . . Works for Me Wednesday

It occurs to me that I should be a marathon runner, not because I love to exercise, but because I am in a constant state of carbo-loading.

You guys....I LOVE bread.

Exhibit A: my "usual" at Panera.
French Onion Soup in a bread bowl with a side of baguette

Or as Mr. E called it this afternoon....

"Bread with a side of soup."

I admit it, I am smitten with bread...and Panera. And I LOVE than they give you the bread that was scooped out for the soup.  That chunk of bread is like a little piece of heaven. (Please tell me there is bread in heaven.)

Speaking of bread (and I can't believe I've never shared this recipe before)...this is the ULTIMATE white bread for sandwiches, toast, snacking (?). :) If you love bread like I do, I BEG you to make it.

{My pictures aren't great, but the bread....oh, it's incredible!  It's carbo-load time!}

White Bread 101 
{barely modified from The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion }

3 c. all-purpose flour (you can subs. WHITE whole wheat flour here)
2 tsp instant yeast
1 & 1/2 tsp kosher salt
3 TBSP sugar
4 TBSP softened butter
1/4 c. dry milk
1/3 c. potato flakes
1 & 1/8 c. lukewarm water

Combine all ingredients together.  Dump onto a lightly floured surface and knead until you have a smooth dough...about 10 minutes.  Add more flour as needed, but add sparingly as more flour equals a heavier, drier loaf.

Transfer to a lightly oiled bowl; cover with oiled plastic wrap and let rise for 1 hour.

Transfer to a lightly greased work surface and shape into an 8" log.  Place in a lightly greased 8.5" x 4.5" loaf pan.  Cover loosely with the oiled plastic wrap and let rise about 1 hour....or until the dough has risen 1 inch over the rim.

Preheat oven to 350.  Uncover and bake the bread for 35-40 minutes, or until an instant thermometer reads 190 degrees. (Tent with foil during the last 10-15 minutes of baking if it is browning too quickly.)

Remove bread from the pan and place on a wire cooling rack.  After 15 minutes, brush with butter.  Cool completely before slicing.

Makes a mean grilled cheese or PB & J sandwich! 
works for me wednesday at we are that family

{This post about my love for "bread with a side of soup" is sponsored by Panera. My obsession with carbs, my love of French Onion soup and my extra 15 pounds are mine and mine alone.}


  1. This made me crack up laughing because that is my 'usual' too! Except, I usually get the chips and give them to Finn. Love Panera & their french onion!

  2. Hummmmm Just watched a Panera Bread comercial. (which is very mean because I don't have one near by) and now you post that soup! I need a fix!!!

  3. Okay, so we're in the throes of breadmaking around here. My 6 year old is in private kindergarten, and part of their Lenten "activities" is to make bread with Mom or Dad.

    My breadmaker sucketh.

    I love this recipe, and we're going to make it tomorrow (because I'm tired of making adobe bricks in that dern breadmaker).

  4. Sigh...still jealous that I didn't get picked by Panera, haha...I spend so much money on bread with a side of soup there. :-) The white bread looks delicious though...will definitely have to try that!

  5. That loaf of white bread looks beyond good! Soup bowl bread is one of my favorite Panera foods too!

  6. HA! That looks SOOO good! This is the best bread recipe!

  7. Looks so lovely and warm, yummmm.

  8. I love Panera!!! Since I know you are a huge bread fan, though you might like to check out some recipes from Stephanie. You can check out her site: or on Tablespoon:

    She does alot of bread recipes and is like us with her love of bread. I know she has a recipe for bread bowls to make at home, but i dont remember which of the 2 sites it was.

  9. Loved this post, hilarious! Definitely can't go wrong with some Panera bread, those baguettes are amazing! Aren't those little croutons on the top of your soup bread too?? That white bread recipe reminds me of the homemade bread my grandma always makes we call it "Granga Bread", carb heaven for sure!

  10. see THIS is why I KNOW we are friends! haha BIG weakness!!

    If I don't get the bread bowl at Panera, I ask for an extra baguette! lol

  11. I'm definitely trying this recipe tomorrow! (I have to go get some instant yeast first. All I have is active dry yeast.) I've been considering getting a breadmaker because we keep our house so cold that bread has a hard time rising, but I really like making bread by hand. I have a few new tricks up my sleeve, though, to warm up the kitchen during the rise - I hope it works! :)

  12. You make me laugh :-) I'm not stingy with my extra lbs...I'll share!!! As for bread me too. My hubby always says u don't eat a lot, but you eat a lot of carbs. PleAse beg Panera to consider lubbock, tx...oh yes...and please make me some bread :-)

  13. I'm a whole wheat girl myself - ever since I was little (!).
    'Bread with a side of soup' - LOL :)

  14. Haven't seen/used potato flakes for a while. Interesting.

  15. I too am a bread lover. I gave up bread and it's cousins (bagels, biscuits, etc) for Lent. I can almost smell the bread thru the computer...

  16. I'm currently on the Atkin's diet. It's awful if you're a bread lover! Good news is I am only doing it for 5-weeks as that's when our beach trip is to Portugal. Had to do something drastic to get the last of the baby weight off so that I'm bikini ready early - LOL But this posted killed me since we don't have Panera here in Switzerland :( I miss Panera!

  17. Hehe... My "usual" looks a lot like yours.

    Funny, I bake bread all the time, but never really think to bake white bread. I always make whole wheat, but I might have to make an exception and try your white bread recipe.

  18. HA - love the disclaimer! :) I let myself do that carbo-loading combo at Panera a few times a year. It's delicious, but usually puts me in a bit of a coma!

  19. Haha, my husband is crazy for Panera's onion soup in a bread bowl too. So good! I love your basic bread recipe. So simple and perfect.

  20. I am still laughing about your vacation woes below -- too funny.

  21. I have become addicted to pannera recently and I can never leve that place without a dessert. I like that this recipe has potato flakes in it, that means it will be fluffy so I will most defiently make it!

  22. I'll follow your recipe to the last detail and hopefully i can have it done perfectly. 'll try it and share with my family.

  23. luuuvvvv bread! Especially Panera.
    When I buy a baguette for dinner I always buy an extra for the ride home :)

  24. The pics look great and it makes me wanna eat more bread. By the way, I love carbs!

  25. I love Panera bread! This is exactly what I'll be getting for dinner tonight except I love the toamato soup.

  26. i <3 panera, and bread and making this post was PERFECT!


  27. I'm with you all the way on the soup in the bread bowl thing!!

  28. Not to make ya feel better about eatin carbs, but to set your mind at ease about "should be a marathoner" read "Why we get fat" by Gary Taubes....
    Little interview here:

    He says exercise don't work for weightloss cuz it makes you hungry.... AMEN!
    (love to eat, hate exercise);)

    got the audiobook, it's super interesting.. and thanks for great lookin cookies!


  29. Looks very similar to my "usual", except I usually get the creamy tomatoe soup. YUM! And I love getting a taste of the sourdough bread AND the french bread in one meal. Getting the baguette on the side is a must!

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  31. The most, not an unusual baked object is bread however many different sorts of foods are baked. Heat is step by step transferred "From the floor of desserts, cookies, and bread to their middle.

  32. lay the gruyere slices across the rim of the bowl, upturn the 'lid' of the bowl, then drizzle with olive oil and lay gruyere on a pinnacle. place within the oven for three to 5 minutes till the cheese has melted. next, flip the oven to broil.


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