Cookie Decorating Essentials . . . Works for Me Wednesday

Although I've blogged about all of these things separately, I've never put them all in one post. Duh.

So, thank you to those of you who have emailed to ask for a list of essentials for new cookie decorators.

Here it is, all in one on the links for the original post and more info.

Just the Basics, Ma'am
{cookie decorating essentials}

1. disposable icing bags
{photo credit: amazon}

2. icing tips: #1 & #3 tips (2 each), #2 tips (3) 

3. couplers: 5

4. squeeze bottles: 8 ounce (3), 16 ounce (2)

5. toothpicks: lots!

6. twist ties
{photo credit: Layer Cake Shop

7. AmeriColor Gel/Paste food colorings: 
here are my favorites...and don't forget white!

8. meringue powder

That should be enough to get you started! Of course, once you start, you'll want MORE! ;) Don't say I didn't warn you.

Need recipes?  Here ya go:
My go-to sugar cookie for decorating
Royal icing...recipe and FAQs
{printable versions of both recipes}

Alright....who's making cookies this week?


  1. You have been inspiring me!!!!
    I hope to do some decorating this summer...hope hope hope!

  2. It's amazing to think my addiction started with those few items.....huh.

  3. Oooh, I have ALL these things.. I think it's time I suck it up and try my hand at cookie-ing!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so right. I've become the greedy cookie maker. It's only been a few months now and I already "need" multiple tips in sizes 1,2 and 3, plus couplers. And we can't even mention cookie cutters. The collection started out so innocent at $1 a piece....

  5. Sweet Sweet Girl!
    If I have ever...ever...decorated a CUTE's because of YOU!
    I thank you...
    I truly do.
    I am filled with gratitude.
    Thank you for all that I have learned from you my friend.
    How could I have ever known.
    How could I have known when I first discovered Bake at 350...that you would fill my world with so much JOY and COOKIE MAGIC!
    How could I have ever known that first time I emailed you...before I even had a blog...that you and I would become such dear friends.
    I adore you Bridget!
    Thank you for all you share.
    Thank you for all you give to us each day!
    Bake at 350 is one of the HAPPIEST places on EARTH!
    I love you Bridget.
    I love Bake at 350!
    I truly do~xo

  6. I suck at RI sugar cookies. I wonder if it's because I try to do to many cookies at once or designs that are too involved. I have had sugar cookies made so many times that just get thrown out because they wait too long to get their RI counterpart. ....but yet here I am, pouring over your every post, hoping to someday put my fear behind me.

  7. I'll be making some monkey cookies this weekend for my friend's son's 1st birthday! Love looking at all your cookie creations, they are always so fun! I need to try the brands of meringue powder that you use, I have only tried the Wilton brand.

  8. Love this post! Although I wish you'd posted it about 6 months ago ;)

  9. I love all your posts - thank you! About the bottles - I saw you used those for the dots - what else do you use them for? Flooding? I've never used them but am thinking they would make things easier. Are the tips all the same when you buy them or do you have to cut the tips? Thanks again!

  10. Hi there. Thank you for this list! I just made my very first successful batch of sugar cut-out cookies using tips from your blog. I posted a picture (I was feeling proud!) I don't recall how I happened upon your blog, but thank goodness! I love to see what new creative ideas you are baking up.

  11. thanks for all of your help, inspiration and encouragement Bridget!! You are the reason I gave RI and cookie decorating a try!!

  12. I am more of a buttercream girl because it was my first love - but I am slowly being won over to RI :) Great info Bridget! You are an insipation to so many! ♥- K

  13. Thanks for this! I've been wanting to try a different brand of meringue powder (I use *that* brand) and different food coloring because *that* brand also seems to have issues with color. I made cookies yesterday for my daughters class - they practice site words on blue index cards and get the corners clipped if they know the word. So I made clipped word cards. :)

  14. I'm sending this to my mom! I think she's been reading your blog since Christmas because that's when I shared it with her - it turned out she'd been wanting to try making pretty cookies just like me! - but just in case she doesn't see this, she needs to. Thanks to these materials and your amazing tutorials, my cookies are getting raves from my friends! Thanks! :)

  15. I made some this evening for our ice cream social! I didn't have an ice cream cone cutter, so I used a circle and triangle. I tried doing the scallops on the circle... they didn't turn out so well. :-( I guess it just takes practice and not staying up until 12:30am. LOL

  16. cookie decorating is an addiction I NEVER want to cure!! ;-) Your blog was one of the first I started following and it just blossomed from there. I did make cookies this week...first ones in a couple of months....Tinkerbell for my niece's 6th birthday :) You can view them here They'll be packed up & shipped today along with her other presents. Cross your fingers they make it there in one piece.

  17. You and your blog have launched and inspired the cookie decorating drive in so many people, myself included. You are the reason I cannot now turn on my oven to 350 without thinking of you. You are the reason I have acquired almost 200 cookie cutters in a little over a year, not to mention multiples of everything in this post plus. You are the reason I get more excited shopping for anything to do with cookie decorating than I do for clothes or anything else for that matter. You are also the reason I have met so many other talented bakers/decorators/bloggers and for all of the above, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As you alway say...happy baking Bridget!

  18. I am, I am... thanks for the info... love ur blog

  19. I've been doing cakes for a little over a year and just started doing cookies recently!!! Luckily for me I had most of the stuff already but now I've added cookie cutters to my list of obsessions. My husband isn't too happy...but oh well. :) Can't help but take myself to the antique mall and the thrift store once or twice a week to see if there is anything I must have!!! :) It becomes a :)

  20. I will be making some Father's day and graduation cookies~in the oven right now:) Polka dot strawberries soon too! I have never use the twist ties or the squeeze bottle, but think I need to try them! I always "fill" with a spoon!?!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing these! your cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!

  22. I've made 5 attempts and only 3 have turned
    But I recently made onesies with the dots and some cute rubber ducks for a friends baby shower.
    I used my mom's special cookie recipe with your royal icing and technique. Thanks so much for the inspiration and tips!

  23. Great recap of all of your favorite cookie decorating essentials! Love it!

  24. Such great tips! You've wakened the cookie decorating gal that has been sleeping inside me. I'm temporarily putting down my glue gun and picking up a toothpick! :)

  25. This is perfect! I was just thinking I should ask you for a shopping list and, voila! Here it is. Thank you for being so willing to share your expertise.

  26. Thank you! Also, it's so cool that you have those vintage St. Patrick's Day postcards available for printing!

  27. That is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to identify everything in such a lovely fashion.

  28. I so value the cookie decorating community, of which I was a proud member for so many years. Although I have moved on as far as creative outlets go (on a professional level), I still hold, dear in my heart, the need and desire to remain active and updated with the all the "cookie happenings" that are taking place in the world. Your sites have allowed me to do so Bridget, and I am forever on the edge of my seat waiting to see what you'll bring to us next!
    Kudos to you for all you do, and all you continue to do, in the wonderful world of cookie design and decorating!

  29. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful tips!! I made little circle sugar cookies, flooded with light pick royal icing, then used americolor food coloring gels to paint on stargazer lilys. They will be cupcake toppers for a bridal shower.

    You blog was the first time I had heard of white food coloring, and my cookies came out fantastic!!

  30. Girl, you've read my mind. I just started thinking about building a little cookie decorating kit, and had no idea what I needed that I didn't already have. Perfection! Thank you! :)

  31. This is very informative blog because i never heard about this topic related blogs.It gives immense pleasure while reading your blog .Still i need to learn more regards to these topic.

  32. You're so sweet to give these wonderful tips. I promise to try them and make my next batch of sugar cookies look much better...although I know they won't come close to yours! But that's a good excuse to come to your site anyway. I get my adorable sugar cookie fix here!

  33. Thanks for providing this good informative post and i got a good knowledge from your blog, i think most of the peoples are get good benefited from this information.

  34. All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts. Thanks

  35. I have some shopping to do! Do you suggest the toothpick for eyeballs, or the bottle?

    1. I would use the piping bags and tips for eyeballs. :)


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