Lisa Simpson, Frosting for the Cause & my Obsession with the Color Yellow

I seem to have become obsessed with the color yellow.

Case in point...
yellow painted piano :
...the 100-year-old piano I picked up for $99 at Goodwill.  Had to be painted YELLOW.

{Spike will now pose for you.}
fluffy kitty on yellow painted piano :

Hubby out-of-town on business, I painted our bathroom grey...and added lots (and lots) of YELLOW.

And these cookies....

{They are supposed to be floral silhouettes, but let's be honest.  They look like a cross between Lisa Simpson and a sea creature.}

The cookies are for a good cause, though...and I'm posting the tutorial over at Frosting for the Cause, sweet Paula's charity bringing bakers together to raise money for women's cancers.  Come on over.

(And if you'd like to sign up to help, you can, too!) 
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